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Dr-James-Pottenger Thank you for visiting CCRS & our website.      

Rev. Dr. James Pottenger passed away in December of 2015. His continued work, joy and smile will be missed!

The premise of our research is: A human now has an ability to comprehend a reflective awareness of awareness or an advanced second reality as well as at least intellectually comprehending a third reality paradigm shift which includes a human’s transcendent aspect justifying a pre-existing potential. A human being is now able to practice change or replacement of old habits with new habits that better serve the individual and his or her world.

Holographic Psychology/Science of Spirit (HP/SOS) is being developed by Dr. James P. Pottenger (a former protégé of Dr. Ernest Holmes) and his research team. It is an all-inclusive, philosophical psychology and the birth of a revolutionary understanding that ALL comprehension, and associated behavior, is subjectively determined and manifested as part of an individual’s psychological dynamics. It is a psychological dynamic that is continually influenced by individual life experiences (environmentally, genetically and transcendently), and presents what HP/SOS researchers have named “Spiritual DNA”.

For the first time in human history we have a “philosophical science” that explains human behavior by integrating the important part a human transcendent aspect plays in programming the left and right brain hemispheres producing behavior.

HP/SOS recognizes an evolutionary process within a human that is discovered in the four psychological schools behavioristic, psychoanalytic, humanistic and transpersonal without labeling a human’s existing beliefs as bad, wrong, or obsolete. It is the long awaited marriage of science and religion. HP/SOS explains a much-desired answer to the philosophical question of “free will” versus “determinism” that can be tested. Instead of bashing the ego (a common practice in the writings of both East and West), HP/SOS, being all-inclusive, helps a human become aware of the importance of balancing his or her thinking and feeling by integrating both of his or her brain hemisphere capabilities. Included is the transcendent aspect of a human which acts as the programming software of one’s brain. HP/SOS includes language models and belief systems which end the “war” between creationism and evolution and the environment and/or genetics.


Humans begin life with a subject/object language model that names the objects of one’s world as person, place or thing (he, she or it). This language model has been used in many languages (English, French, German, etc.).

In the United States, the English language has been used with all of us learning to give names to the objects and people in our world. We also were taught to judge whether something or someone is good or bad, big or little, rich or poor, etc. (The pair of opposites.)

This language model of person, place or thing became our first reality or the language we use to describe our world as well as ourselves. With this language model humans have developed an awesome technology that is at a point of blessing or destroying us.

We are at a point in history when humans seem ready to develop a new language model that fits a universal cosmology. HP/SOS (Holographic Psychology/Science of Spirit), developed by our research team, has been given the job to expose a universal cosmology that is both immanent and transcendent as well as a process language model to assist in our understanding of an evolutionary nature of human beings.

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